Anger Management

Deal with anger, gain new insight and learn how to be composed and calm in challenging situations.

Anger outbursts and persistent pent-up anger are common and can be prevented.

Consider these experiences:

  • Feeling angry and uncomfortable tension in your body
  • Difficulty calming down and letting go of anger
  • Anger outbursts where you go from 0 -100 quickly
  • Quickness to anger that are causing relationship problems
  • Feeling guilt and shame after your anger outbursts
  • Anger outbursts that are occurring more frequently.

Anger is a natural emotion for everyone. However, each of us responds differently to this emotion. For many people, anger is a problem – for them and family members, friends, or other people such as work colleagues. 

Chris can help you develop practical skills to manage anger in a constructive manner.

Start the change with one easy step.