Workplace Stress

Ease struggles at work with the independent perspective of an experienced psychologist.

At some point in a person’s work life, there are likely to be difficult experiences at work. In many situations, these can be managed with the right skills and approaches.

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Difficulties in workplaces may include:

  • friction with co-workers
  • cliques forming between workers that exclude you
  • bullying
  • arguments that escalate out of control
  • agitation about previous work incidents
  • workplace demands and changes
  • redundancies
  • concerns about disciplinary warnings
  • managing chronic illness, including mental health issues, in workplace settings.

Chris helps clients in such situations by providing support, understanding, and helping them gain fresh perspectives on the situation and what is possible to change.

Clients report that they value using Chris as a sounding board and value the strategies he introduces to help deal with these situations.

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