Trauma Counselling

Secure, patient professional help to deal with recent trauma or past trauma events that are being triggered and causing distress.

A person who has had a traumatic experience and hasn’t received professional help can develop severe psychological emotional and behavioural symptoms.

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Trauma symptoms can be:

  • Physiological: trembling, nausea, diarrhoea, rapid breathing
  • Emotional: anger guilt, sadness, numbness, feeling overwhelmed
  • Behavioural: changes to usual behaviour, sleep difficulties, withdrawing into oneself, restlessness
  • Cognitive: confused thinking, memory difficulties, lowered concentration.

A traumatic event can be very sudden and unexpected, but it can also be prolonged over weeks and months, even years. Just remembering a traumatic event can set off a strong stress response.

Trauma experiences may include car accidents, a death/suicide, gruesome sights, assaults, threats, workplace pressures, domestic violence, and other significant events.

Chris has run many group debriefings after trauma events and counselled individuals with their recovery. He provides a secure, supportive and confidential atmosphere for his clients to air their concerns, acquire information and strategies to improve their sense of safety and control in their lives.

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