Violence and Abusive Behaviour

Stop violence and abusive behaviour, and learn ways to build respectful relationships with people close to you.

Violent and abusive behaviour can be stopped.

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Typically, a client has been in situations where:

  • He has demonstrated explosive behaviour that involved verbal and /or physical abuse
  • His apologies for abusive behaviour have lost meaning because the behaviour has been repeated
  • He is critical of and blaming others at home because they are not living up to his expectations
  • Family members are wary of him – they are ‘walking on eggshells; and are wary of his reactions
  • He has lost the trust of family members
  • The children are beginning to repeat his behaviour.

If any of these situations are relevant to you, act now. 

Chris received professional recognition as a Life Member of No To Violence, Australia’s largest peak body for services that work with men who use family violence. He has worked with hundreds of men, and trained professionals and volunteers over three decades.

Chris can help you understand the severe impacts your behaviour on others and learn ways to act in non-violent ways. You will have an avenue of accountability over time as you apply these new learnings with family members.

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