Christopher provides a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment for clients to freely air their concerns, discuss issues and discover strategies that will help improve their personal situations and their ability to handle future problems. From a theoretical point of view, Christopher utilizes narrative, cognitive behavioural and family therapy frameworks in his work.

Sessions are usually 50 to 60 minutes long. Longer session times can be booked. Chris is able to provide an assessment at the conclusion of an initial session about the most desirable number of sessions that would help the client to reach their goal. Christopher puts high value on discussing clients’ expectations concerning the direction, duration and outcomes of counseling.

Online Counselling
Participating in online counselling is straightforward.
You will need:

  1. A computer, iPad or mobile phone
  2. Internet connection
  3. A private space.

Christopher will send you an email with a link that will connect you to him at the agreed appointment time.

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Family Therapy

Christopher is a qualified family therapist and can facilitate family group discussions to both improve individual members’ understanding and family cohesion.

Christopher facilitates the process of helping the family to explore ways for conflict resolution, and to consider other strategies for change.

Family therapy can be combined with counseling of individuals.


Christopher offers a supervision program for newly trained and experienced colleagues who work in counselling roles – psychologists, social workers and other counsellors.

In supervision sessions,Christopher prioritises the self- care of his supervisees, and the provision of sufficient time for discussion of themes and issues. Supervision is an important opportunity for the professional to reflect – in confidence – on professional practice and growth, and to consider future directions for personal and professional learning.

In a supervision program, professionals contract with Christopher to participate in regular sessions, held fortnightly or monthly in the professional’s choice of location: City or Box Hill North.

Community Education

Christopher is available to deliver presentations, participate in events and to run workshops for community groups and organisations.

Christopher has over 20 years experience in providing community education initiatives, both one-off presentations and structured programs. Topics and themes that have proved popular with community members include:

  • Stress in relationships and families
  • Anger and aggression – including bullying
  • Anxiety and social phobias
  • Raising boys
  • Life changes – such as divorce, single-parenting, loss and grief, leaving adolescence.
  • Community organisations are welcome to contact Christopher with ideas and suggestions for educational events and programs.

Employee Assistance

Large and small organisations experience upheaval or trauma at some time in their life cycle. Reasons for this stress can range across incidents of violence or aggression in a workplace, death or illness of a colleague, enforced “down-sizing” and the impact on daily work and team morale of tragedy, trauma or stress (such as marriage difficulties) experienced by individuals.

Christopher provides confidential, short-term counselling and where required referrals for ongoing support services. Christopher also works with groups, providing information sessions and de-briefings, for example following critical incidents.